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I first fell in love with the Argentine look when I acquired RE Iceman back in 2004.  When I realized Chocolate wouldn't be breeding any more, I decided to go Full Argentine.  I have 6 full Argentine females and 3 full Argentine males.  I haven't met an Argentine yet that wasn't easy to train and wonderful to be around.
I love these woolly beasts.  I love feeling their strength and knowing they are smart and easy going.  I'm not sure any of them will be good at performance driving since they are more like ATVs, but they certainly can do everything else.
Argentine Sugabo- blazed through novice performance in 10 months.  He just keeps getting bigger and better.
Sug won master champion at ALSA GN 2013 and earned his ALSA Master performance champion title 2016.

The youngsters:

Argentine Jujube will be showing the boys what girls can do in perfomance.  Better watch out!
Argentine Xavier will start showing August 2017

The females:
 Argentine Chocolatte - I wasn't planning on adding another female, but when I found out she was for sale I just knew she had to be mine.  

Argentine Reina - my little queen.  She is the only colorful female I have besides Corazon.  She's a great mom.

Argentine Jujube - Reina's first baby.  She might be plain brown wrapper, but she's very special.

Argentine Carmelita - Carmel loves being a mom.