Icehouse Llamas
Argentine Carmelita
Argentine Reina
Argentine Chocolatte
Summer Rain's Corazon

Argentine Carmelita
Arg. Tico X Arg. Chiza
DOB 6-09
Carmel in Wisconsin 2010 and Carmel in California 2011

Carmel is a very smart, sweet female.  But she is also the undisputed female in charge.
I was lucky to purchase her from Sue Morgan.
Below Carmel displays her parenting skills with Joker.
bred for Christmas 2017 Iroquois baby.
And he was indeed born on Christmas!  hahaha
Carmel and Lucy sporting their 2012 haircuts in Apple Valley

Argentine Chocolatte
Argentine Omar x Argentine Chocolate(ET)
DOB 9-7-2007
Latte's first baby was born 10/14/15.  She is a great mom.
When I saw Latte for sale in June 2015, I snapped her up!
  She is amazing with incredible wool coverage.  She is sweet and manageable, too.
Her second baby was Xavier and now she has Affogato.  

Argentine Reina
Argentine Fresco X Argentine Moreno
DOB 10-2011

Reina's first baby hit the ground at 26# and was probably a bit premature.
But baby jumped up and started nursing and gained a pound a day.
Looks like this baby is going to have really nice fiber.  Reina is an excellent mom and great milker.
Baby Pomona was born the day after Christmas.  Repeat to the day of Jujube(2 years ago).

Summer Rain's Corazon
DOB 5-13-2013

Corazon caught Sugabo's attention at ALSA GN 2014 and she won National Champion HWF that year.  Sug has really good taste.  Fates and planets aligned and what was meant to be = Corazon is mine(and Sug's).
I have really big plans for this girl.  She is sweet and a great mom.
Poor Sug will have to wait another year for this girl, I decided to give Rizado a try.
Baby boy born 11/21/17 28#