January, 06                                  

Icehouse Llamas I have explained, but what is the flying circus?  

The original Flying Circus is from World War I.  Baron Von Richtofen-or the Red Baron-commanded a group of fighter pilots known as the Flying Circus who ruled the skies.  Hence, the Flying Circus is our road show.  

Frequently, friends join me on these raids to local or far away llama shows.  Our Flying Circus has traveled to the midwest for ALSA Grand Nationals every year since 2000.  

We have been known to make many trips each year in California and to Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas.  No one knows where the Flying Circus will show up next.  But now you canů.

My llamas are thankful for their comfortable featherlite.  I'm not sure they'd appreciate the trip to the midwest on top of a car!

Show Schedule for 2018

6/2-3/2018 San Diego County Fair
Del Mar, CA

6/30/2018 Moonlight Madness
Glendora, CA

8/2018 Antelope Valley Fair
Lancaster CA

10/6-7/2018 ALSA Western Regional
Lebec, CA

10/2018 ALSA Grand National
Hutchinson, KS

2017 ALSA Grand National - West Coast
Good Friends!

The Flying Circus ALSA GN 2011
The best of times!
Eileen, Crystal, Kathy and Susan.