Icehouse Llamas

The crew at Del Mar 2008
Pictured are Mike-7 months, Roo- 17 months and Ramona- 37 months.
Ramona goes champion in performance that afternoon & completes her ALSA title.
Shhhh - I think they are studying the course.....

Niki Kuklenski taught a seminar in 2003 at Ken and Nanci Sutton's house in Apple Valley, CA.  Eileen was instrumental in setting up this clinic and encouraging so many to learn how to train their llamas to drive.

2005 April Maricopa County Fair - Parade

Since I was young, I really loved working with horses.  Once I discovered llamas though I can't imagine living with other livestock.  

Llamas are the best. I am always learning new things.  They continually surprise me.  This helps keep things exciting.  The main key to working with the llamas is staying smarter than they are.  As they continue to learn and grow, they push me to learn and grow, too.  Otherwise it would be llama pandemonium here at Icehouse.

Besides training for Obstacle, Public Relations and Pack classes for the ALSA shows, I also train my llamas to drive.

Another of my favorite pastimes is hiking and packing with my llamas.  A busy show schedule keeps things hopping, but what better way to train then to just take a nice hike in the mountains.  This is one of the best ways to build a relationship with your llama.  

Driving is still the most fun I can think of having with a llama!  

I discovered a huge secret to give me one up on the competition - breed your own champion.  I was lucky to acquire Chocolate Caramel Explosion and have him for the last years of his life.  He passed on correct conformation and great smarts to his kids.  

Mike certainly has achieved this for me earning his Elite (6 grands in peformance + 6 grands in halter) at 4 1/2 years old.

Mike is now doing really good driving, too.  Here is the video Caroline Welk took of his obstacle class at the most exceptional regional put on by the Pedroni clan.  Mike's full brother Hero now drives, too.  
Here is a link to Mike's nearly perfect run 2014-

With Chocolate gone, now I have shifted my focus to full Argentine.  I am impressed with their general willingness and calm attitudes.
Goal acheived - Argentine Sugabo is the first full Argentine to win performance champion at ALSA Grand Nationals and he did it in Master division.   His kids are proving they have his good looks, wonderful fiber and bring it all to the performance ring.