Icehouse Stars          
Here are past and present stars of Icehouse Lllamas.  You can have one, too!

Argentine Sugabo 2013 ALSA GN Master Performance Champion!! and 1st place adult HWM and Grand Single Coat Shorn Fleece.  Did I say this was all at one show- ALSA Grand Nationals.  Go Sug!  Sugabo has earned his ALSA Master performance Champion title, too. 2017 Master reserve champion at ALSA Grand National.

Icehouse Hero at his 1st
 Grand National 2008-
Joy Pedroni of Black Cat
 Llamas, owner
This is Mike's full brother - he is just as capable of all his brother has acheived.

Django Sukiyaki (deceased) at his 1st Grand National 2009 - Nancy Varga of Star Rose Ranch, owner

Icehouse Daredevil Diva with Les Flynn of
Spittin Distance Acres

Icehouse Archangel -
2009 National Advanced
Champion Performance
 before he was
2 years old!

And 2011 National Champion nonBreeder before he was 4!
And Best of Show shorn fleece.  Mike finished his Elite title 5/2012
at Grass Valley at 4 1/2 years old. And he's just starting.....
Mike is now 3x National Champion NonBreeder. 2014, 2015 & 2016 National Driving Champion!!
He's a great all around boy. Mike's youtube debut!
ALSA GN 2013 winning Master Pack.

Retired but still loved

RMP Chill Out
DOB 1-10-1995
GLL Chile Pepper x RMP'S Blondie
2009 Grand National Reserve Driving Champion
2008 Grand National Reserve Driving Champion
2008 Senior Youth Performance Reserve Champion (w/Kaly)
2007 Grand National Performance Champion
2007 Grand National Driving Champion
2005 Grand National Performance Champion
2003 Grand National Reserve Performance Champion
Chill decided he was retired at age 15.  He and I had a fantastic run.   Chill is 2003 National Performance Reserve Champion, 2005 National Performance Champion, 2007 National Driving & Performance Champion and 2008 National Driving Reserve Champion.  He worked with Cousin Kaly to win National Reserve Champion Senior Youth 2008.
Chill is one of the two original llamas I started out with. I knew from the beginning that he was extremely talented and capable. Luckily, he was patient enough to teach me just about everything I know about llamas. Chill and I didn't win our first performance championship until he was 6 years old when he deemed me ready to handle it.  From then on we seldom went to a show without winning champion or reserve.
He taught me more than just how to train llamas.  Because of him I know I cannot take all the credit for doing well in the show ring- the llama has the last word, always.  I try to be humble lest my llama humble me.
A well trained llama is part of a team.  One has to prove oneself worthy of their trust or you'll get nothing in return.  Respect and responsibilty is how it works.
He also taught me to listen to my llama.  They really do communicate with you.  One has to be open to listening (and hearing).
 I love Chill Out so very much- I miss showing him but he is enjoying his retirement.
He and I worked like a well oiled machine.  Spending time with the youngsters then showing Chill, always reminded me how smooth things go with a seasoned professional.  
This llama will always be the greatest to me!

Congratulations to Kaly and Chill for National Reserve Champion Senior Youth 2008!

Coolest costume EVER!  Chinese dragon - look closely - it's Chill Out with a huge head piece.  I still can't believe he kept it on.  I am thankful for the fair photographer who got this perfect shot.

In loving Memory
Kobra's Ramona
Arg Kobra x RE RBWT
DOB: 5/18/05 - 3/26/10
Half Argentine/Half Chilean

Wow! How did I get so lucky buying a llama from a picture on the internet? (picture above right) Ramona had talent to burn.
The first time I asked her to jump-she did.
The first time I asked her step up on the bucket-she did.
The first time we walked on a practice bridge-she did.
With her ALSA Performance Championship under her belt, she had her wish of having a baby. Now she has her baby in heaven and doesn't have put up with my crazy requests.  I still think about them all the time.

June 2007  LANA Expo she won a champion and a reserve champion in performance.  Yippee!  She's going to Nationals.
October 2007 Ramona placed 10th in Obstacle, 7th in Pack and 2nd in PR.  She is so easy to show and so willing to do it all!
February 2008 Add a reserve champion at Indio Date Festival.  She just needs two more champions....
April 2008 Ramona racked up another champion in performance.  
May 2008 Two more reserve champions in performance at Fallon.  When we got home we began putting her to the cart and she showed in driving for the 1st time a few weeks later at Grass Valley.  
June 2008 Del Mar marks Ramona's final champion needed for her ALSA Performance Championship.  She added to her laurels a reserve champion HWF.
August 2008 Hot August Nights Ramona gets another champion.
August 2008 AV Fair Ramona wins all three open classes for another champion.
October 2008 ALSA GN Ramona did well again - 2nd Pack, 10th Obstacle, 5th PR and 4th Obstacle Driving.  

Rebano Escondido Scarlett
Chilean Import of the Argentine type
Circa 1995 to 12/1/10
Scarlett was an exceptional Mom. I purchased her from the Taylor's in Montana. She gave me four outstanding daughters-Daredevil Dixie (Arg. Saltarin), Nahani (White Russian), Daredevil Diva (Chocolate Caramel Explosion) and Icehouse Brrrtie (RE Iceman).
Scarlett had quite strong genes.  4 brown girls from 4 different sires.  

Tail-less Scarlett still looking good.  Long ago a dog attack in Montana took her tail, but not her spirit!

Chocolate was an extra special sire.  I love his kids.
There are none better for performance.
Peruvian Patron B1078 x Peruvian Aborna R81
 DOB:  1-13-1995 to 7-25-2011
Chocolate is the sire of performance champions Little D, Mr Neon and Icehouse Archangel.    
All the kids are impressive, in and out of the show ring.
Mike won national champion nonbreeder three years in row!
Mike also earned ALSA Elite nonbreeder as of 5/2012!
When I first bought Chocolate I wasn't sure what to expect of his temperment since I had not ever seen him in person.  I tracked him down when I realized he was Little D's sire.  From the moment he arrived here he was always a gentleman and a professional.  He took his females and his breedings very seriously.  His contribution to bettering his species is not slight(even though most of his sons have been gelded).  
Chocolate kids are awesome in performance and halter.
Chocolate was pure Peruvian and 100% the best!

Here are some of his kids.
Icehouse Rinpoche 11-27-11
Icehouse Gryphon 5-31-11
Icehouse Chokwit Wabbit  11-9-10
(deceased 2015)
Cassia's Hot Chocolate 1-17-2011
owned by Sharon Weisenberger
Icehouse Hero-
owned by Joy Pedroni
Icehouse Daredevil Diva
owned by Joy Pedroni
Icehouse Archangel
2009 National Advanced Performance champion (as a yearling)
2011 National Best of Show Shorn Fleece
2011, 2012 & 2013 National Champion NonBreeder &
LANA Versatility Champion at GN
ALSA Elite NonBreeder(6 grands in performance & halter)
2014 National Driving Champion
Icehouse Auralia
Owned by Joy Pedroni

Icehouse Hip Kitty
Owned by Les Flynn
Little D
National Performance champion
This is the llama responsible for my falling in love with CCE
Mister Neon
Penelo-P -sadly deceased

Icehouse Hatshepsut
A lovely daughter who unfortunately had to be bottled for a short time.  I hear she has grown into a beautiful young lady - even if a tad bit too friendly.

Icehouse Boudicca
Another daughter, also bottled for a short time.  Bodie has a brilliant mind for performance, but lacks the patience to stand still for any amount of time.

CCE in his prime- I sure miss him.