Icehouse Llamas

Lone Cowboy RTC
Toocoolo RTC X Peekaboo RTC
DOB 6/8/11

Cowboy is new here, but did well at ALSA Western Regional.  He's been "retired" for a few years, but he's ready to hit the circuit again.

Argentine Xavier
Argentine Sugabo x Argentine Chocolatte
DOB 12/23/16

Xavier's first show was AV Fair this year.  
He also placed well at Western Regional.  Next year is going to be fun.
Argentine Jujube
Argentine Reina x Argentine Iroquois
DOB 12/26/15
She may be plain brown wrapper, but she's very well put together.  The real deal!
She's coming along with her performance training and is starting to place against tough novice competition.
2016 AV Fair reserve MWF
2016 HAN Grand novice

Argentine Joker
Argentine Sugabo x Argentine Carmelita
DOB 5-1-2013

At Joker's first show he won both HWM champions!!
A friend commented at the show, "He's going to be a RockStar!"
Joker is still working on his consistency as demonstrated at ALSA GN 2016- he won 1st in Advanced Pack, then tanked in the other two classes.  He also won reserve champion in double coat shorn at GN.

Hobo 2014 Gold - Champion HWM(1)
Hobo 2014 Silver - Champion HWM(2)
Novice champion at Woodstock 2014
Del Mar Fair 2014 - Reserve Champion HWM
Hobo 2015 -Champion Novice
Indio 2015 - Champion Novice
Woodstock 2015 - Champion Advanced(1)
AV Fair 2015 - Champion Advanced(2)
ALSA GN 2015- National class champion Advanced Pack
Indio Fair 2016-reserve champion Advanced
Indio Fair 2016 - reserve nonbreeder
2016 HLSR- reserve nonbreeder
2016 HLSR champion shorn double coat (Best of Show)
Cal-ILA 2016 - Open performance reserve champion
2016 AV Fair - reserve nonbreeder
ALSA GN 2016- National class champion Advanced Pack
ALSA GN 2016 reserve shorn double coat
2016 Hobo Gold reserve nonbreeder
2016 Hobo Silver grand nonbreeder-only 4 in division
2016 Hobo reserve Advanced
2016 AV Fair Champion non breeder(3)
2016 AV FAir reserve advanced

  I am proud of this home grown boy

Icehouse Archangel
 Chocolate Caramel Explosion x FGL Chilean Ice Ice Baby
DOB 11-8-07

Everyone loves Mike.
And don't forget 2009 Advanced performance champion -before he was 2 years old.  Way to go Mike!
5/27/12 - Mike wins two grands in nonbreeder to complete his ALSA Elite Champion!
10/2014 Mike acheives ALSA Driving Champion.
To date he has earned 13 halter grands, 12 performance grands, and 7 driving grands.
He has won champion 7 times at ALSA Grand National in halter, performance and driving.   ALSA GN 2016 at nearly 9 years old he won champion double coat shorn and reserve walking.  He's still got it!
 I am so proud of my all around boy.
Mike sometimes takes a little break to show in the junior youth division.  Piece of cake obstacles and he finds the shenangin's of the little munchkins amusing.

5/08 Fallon,NV Champion Novice
5/08 Grass Valley, CA Champion Novice
6/08 LANA Expo Gold Res. Champ MWM
10/08 ALSA Grand National 7th Juvenile Medium Wool Male
2/09 Hobo Gold Performance Champion (1)
10/09 Western Region Advanced Performance Champion(2)
10/09 ALSA GN Advanced Performance Champion(3)
3/10 March Magic Advanced Champion (4)
6/10 Del Mar Fair Advanced Champion (5)
*Mike moved to Masters, even though he is only 2 years old*
10/10 SW Regional Champion MWM (1)
2010 GN Res. Class Champion MWM 2 year old & Champion Master PR
5/11 Grass Valley Champion MWM Redwood Show (2)
5/11 Grass Valley Advanced Champion Ponderosa Show (6)
6/11 Del Mar Fair Performance Champion (7)
6/11 Del Mar Fair MWM Champion (3)
2011 ALSA GN Champion nonbreeder (4)
3/12 March Magic Champion nonbreeder (5)
5/12 Grass Valley Redwood Champion nonbreeder (6)
5/12 Grass Valley Ponderosa Champion nonbreeder (7)
6/12 Del Mar Fair Performance Champion (8)
6/12 Del Mar Fair reserve champion nonbreeder
8/12 AV Fair reserve champion nonbreeder
8/12 AV Fair performance champion (9)
2012 ALSA GN Champion nonbreeder (8)
2012 ALSA GN Champion master pack
2012 LANA versatility champion at GN
2013 Hobo master champion (1) 6 in division (10)
2013 Hobo master reserve champion 6 in division
2013 Hobo driving champion (1) 5 in division
2013 Hobo driving reserve champion 5 in division
2013 SW Region reserve driving
2013 SW Regional reserve champion master
2013 ALSA GN Champion nonbreeder (9)
2013 LANA versatility champion at GN
2014 ALSA Western Regional Nonbreeder Champion (10)
2014 ALSA Western Regional Driving Champion (2)
2014 ALSA GN Driving Champion (3)
11/14 Fall Fest Driving Champion (4)
2/15 LANA Hobo Driving Champion (5)
2/15 Indio Fair Champion nonbreeder(11)
2015 Del Mar Champion nonbreeder  (12)
2015 AV Fair Champion nonbreeder  (13)
2015 ALSA GN driving champion (6)
2016 Indio Date Festival Master Champion (11)
2016 ALSA Western Regional Master Champion (12)
2016 ALSA GN driving champion (7)
2017 Del Mar Champion nonbreeder  (14)
2017 ALSA Western Regional driving champion (8)
2017 ALSA Grand National driving reserve champion

2011 ALSA GN Champion Nonbreeder
2011 ALSA GN Best of Show shorn fleece
2011 Versatility Champion ALSA GN - LANA award

2012 ALSA GN Champion Nonbreeder
2012 ALSA GN Champion Master Pack
2012 Versatility Champion ALSA GN - LANA award

2013 ALSA GN Champion Nonbreeder
2013 ALSA GN Champion Master Pack
2013 Versatility Champion ALSA GN - LANA award
2014 ALSA
SW Regional Champion Nonbreeder and Driving Champion

Argentine Sugabo
Arg. Gringo x Arg. Calliope
DOB 7-31-09

Grass Valley 2/11                    &                 Grass Valley 5/12

Sug made Novice Champion and moved up from novice to advanced in likely a record of a mere 10 months since he began showing.
At ALSA Gn 2012 he was best of show shorn fleece and reserve LANA versatility male champion.
Sug has earned his ALSA Master performance champion.
He is such a gentleman, too.

2012 Grass Valley advanced performance champion (1)
2012 Grass Valley reserve champion HWM
2012 Hot August Nights advanced performance champion(2)
2012 Harvest Fair advanced performance champion (3)
2013 SW region champion master (1)performance (4)
2013 ALSA GN Champion master(2) peformance(5)
2013 ALSA class champion Adult HWM
2013 ALSA GN reserve champion shorn fleece single coat
2015 Woodstock Master(3) champion(6)
2016 Indio Fair Master reserve Champion
2016 Indio Fair reserve HWM
2016 HLSR reserve shorn double coat
2016 HLSR grand walking double coat
2016 Woodstock Master Champion (4) performance(6)
2017 HLSR Best of Show fleece
2017 Del Mar Fair Advanced/Master Champion(7)
2017 ALSA Grand National Master reserve champion

Love those bangs...