Icehouse Llamas

I always have llamas for sale at various stages of training.  I encourage everyone to do performance with their llamas.  Llamas love to have a purpose.  Life is much easier if your llama knows what is expected of them and has the self control to do it.  
I have always maintained that the hardest part of working with and training llamas is being smarter than they are.  Llamas are natural trainers, it's easy to find the tables turned in the relationship.  
So why consider an Icehouse Llama for yourself?  I have an addiction to talented llamas.  I enjoy training young llamas and making sure they get a good start in life.  It takes time to hone a llama's skills once they have the basics down.   A champion is not made overnight, but talent certainly helps.

Great conformation with a fantastic mind is my goal in breeding.  Pulling a cart or packing a load for a week, it all requires good conformation to succeed.  Besides, it's fun to go to a show and win it all, halter and performance!