ICEHOUSE LLAMAS             

New Arrivals

 Icehouse Queensland
 Born 11/21/2017
Summer Rain's Corazon X Argentine Rizado

Queenie is growing so fast I decided he needed to start getting a halter on.  He's a good boy.
Argentine Schnitzel
Born 12/25/2017
Argentine Carmelita X Argentine Iroquois
Born just after midnight on Christmas.  He is a TANK.

Argentine Pomona Queen
Born 12/26/2017
Argentine Reina X Argentine Iroquois
This is Jujube's full sister, born on the same day two years later.  Cute!
Argentine Affogato
Born 1/5/18
Argentine Chocolatte X Argentine Iroquois

Gato has reallly nice fiber.  He's the youngest but he is the feistiest.  He's always tussling with Schnitzel.